UAT tears – approved

I’ve been taking part in user acceptance testing (UAT) at work, and I think the best way I can phrase the experience is “a workout for your emotional and mental strength.” Any testing can be frustrating, and that’s to be expected. The first couple weeks of UAT were “just” frustrating. You go through some extra stress because it makes the product/system better and will ultimately, as the user, make your life easier. No harm, no foul. This last set of tests, though… Hoo boy.

I think the team in charge of writing the tests was feeling the crunch before their advertised go live deadline and started rushing their reviews. But it’s true that rushed work often equals shoddy work. And I’m going to find that shoddy work because I’m literally testing your work! /facepalm  I feel sympathetic for their team because of the time crunch, but I’m also not willing to pass something that doesn’t meet my company’s standards. /shrug Sorry, people. You have to fix it. It’s all for the best in the long run. /pats

In non-ranting news, I’m considering merging my online writing journal with this blog. I love the URL of the other journal (MacGuffin.Club), but it’s extra effort to maintain both and it could easily be another section of this blog. Seriously considering this YouTube channel has led to me taking a look at what is really important to me and whether this channel will be a long term passion which I would like to do regularly (like writing) or a short term blaze that I wouldn’t mind having as a hobby but only after I do other things and not when I’m having a painful day and oh squirrel! (like piano). Right now I put it on the long term interest side, but I know it’s a lot of work so I can’t overextend myself. That will lead to something getting dropped, and if it’s my channel then I’m going to lose any subscribers I gain.

Serious adulting time… pick some interests and stick with them. Just like my character creation addiction in gaming, I tend to be a hobbyholic. I get really interested in a hobby, buy all the stuff to start said hobby, and then lose interest after a month or two. That sort of happens with games now, too. And a lot of things. I think my focus has actually gotten worse as I’ve gotten older. Isn’t it supposed to be the opposite?

Anyway, writing once per day was at the top of the “Super Mega Important to Me” list, and I think it will be easier to do that if I keep it to one blog since I’m going to be adding writing, filming, and publishing videos to my hobbies. I also decided that I don’t feel comfortable writing my actual “going in a book” pieces on the interwebs. Various reasons for that, but it leaves Club MacGuffin as just a writing prompt journal, and that’s a little bare. I may keep the URL for a while because it’s adorbs and I would love to use it for something else. Anyone want to start an online writer’s group? I’m way too lazy, cheap, and cold to drive into town for one. /grumpygrumps <- I don’t think that’s a real emote. It’s just me when I’m cold.

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