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It’s the day before Independence Day, and I have today and tomorrow off work. After taking my dog for a walk on the nearby trail, eating too much food, watching Midsomer Murders, and starting a load of dishes, I’ve now moved my laptop outside with a little desk and am sitting on the back porch, writing. The weather is beautiful, my loveseat is comfy, and I’m dressed in eccentric flowing pants. While I can imagine a more inspiring environment, I think I’m doing pretty good for using what’s at hand.

It’s a treat to get to write outside, but it doesn’t have to be a rare one. I shall have to trade in some Midsomer Murders evenings for writing on the back porch. I haven’t taken full advantage of owning a laptop (it’s my first one), but hopefully that’s about to change. What a difference just a change in location can make. One second while I tell my dog to stop eating grass.

It does make me wonder what other little changes I could make that would have a meaningful impact. There’s always the “if I lost weight, I would have more energy,” or “if I cleaned up the messes around my house, my mind would have less clutter,” but those aren’t the kind of changes I mean. Yes, they would have an impact, but they also take an amount of effort proportionate to their return. I get a less cluttered mind, but by spending the effort to declutter physically. What about the little changes, like rolling my laptop table one room and a hallway to sit on the back porch? I feel like the inspiration and peace I’m feeling is much more than one room and a hallway’s worth. How many of us could make little changes that have a big impact, and how do we notice them to take advantage? | writing on the back porch

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