surgery pie

Yesterday I met with a second surgeon to consult about a pilonidal cystectomy. I liked him a lot more than the first surgeon I saw, so I scheduled my appointment for mid-July. I’m now working on scheduling my recovery time. Provided the surgery and recovery goes as expected, I should be able to head back into the office after three weeks at home.

In the more immediate future, I’ve taken Thursday and Friday as vacation days and have Monday off for Memorial Day. I hope to make some progress on tidying things up at home. We’re going to have an appraisal done soon, and the house will make a better impression if there aren’t clothes on the floor and bags of “I don’t have time to sort through this crap” bulging out of the closets. The yard isn’t looking too bad, but it could use some trimming.

My primary care doctor has me on prescription Aleve right now in the hopes that it will be strong enough to take care of chronic pain and keep me from having to go on anything harder. It’s around 3x stronger than over the counter. It does take the edge off, but it doesn’t eliminate my pain. Less stabbing pain just from moving my thumb, though. I’m not convinced that it’s enough to raise my quality of life to where I’d like it to be, but I’ll probably have a better idea after this weekend. Nothing punishes my body like a housecleaning marathon.

Reading-wise, I’ve been enjoying books by Seanan McGuire. I suppose you would call her genre urban fantasy or modern supernatural, but not all of the stories focus on life in the city. I think the first book of hers that I read was Indexing which deals with fairy tales. I recently read the sequel and liked it as much as the first. I’ve read several others and then started on her October Daye series. I’m on book three now. The first couple were online rentals from the local library, but they didn’t have number three so I picked it up on Amazon Kindle. I don’t normally go for urban fae books, but the protagonist is so determined and prickly that I can’t help but like her. She’s an underdog kicking out a space for herself among purebloods. She gets beaten up so much, it’s a wonder she has any unscarred skin left. Then again, it’s only the beginning of book three. Who knows what state she’ll be in at the end of book ten!

I have McGuire’s book Sparrow Hill Road on hold at the library. It focuses on a ghost girl, and I liked having a ghost main character in Dusk or Dark or Dawn or Day. I don’t feel like I run into them that often. Something about a dead protagonist (who isn’t a zombie or a vampire… not undead, just dead) speaks to me. I also plan on picking up Down Among the Sticks and Bones when it comes out next month. The first of that series is titled Every Heart a Doorway and is about the children who disappear into different worlds (a la Alice in Wonderland) and what happens to them when they come back.

I’d love to see McGuire’s work turned into a movie or a tv show. Some of her imagery is so vivid, it shows up on a big screen in your mind, already cinematic.

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