pumpkin dogs and skeletons

How about a post full of pictures? That should be cheerier than the last post. Here’s my area’s first snow for this winter. There wasn’t a lot, but it was super cold!

pumpkins with first snow | space-bar.org
first snow!

Car stuff is moving along. I’ve been approved for a loan, I got a replacement title for my current car, and I’m test driving what appears to be a nice car tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to it. It has all of the features I’ve wanted in a car, so let’s hope it runs well and doesn’t have expensive body damage.

skeleton Chocaloticas shoes | space-bar.org
the best halloween shoes

Halloween was watching spooky things with my husband and snacking on tea cookies from Whole Foods. We’d both taken the day off work to enjoy the holiday. My husband carved a pretty classic pumpkin, and we finished Stranger Things 2 (nice ending!).

Halloween 2017 jack-o-lantern | space-bar.org
so classic

My manager has kindly allowed me to work from home while my car is in the process of dying. I had to drive in on Thursday to go to the DMV and bank, so I was in the office. Wednesday and today, though, I was home. My dogs always seem to be happy when someone is staying home with them. Kenzie gets to stay inside and Bo gets to snuggle up to someone instead of being alone.

pitbull snuggles | space-bar.org
don’t worry. I fixed his ear.

Kenzie is normally outside in our large fenced backyard during the day because our efforts to potty train her always end with misplaced trust and a poop on my bedroom floor. >< She’ll seem like she’s made progress, there haven’t been any accidents, so we leave her inside and come back to a not-so-little surprise. Bo, conversely, has to stay inside because he can’t be trusted not to break through the double-layer fence if he spies a critter.

walking pitbulls on the rail trail | space-bar.org
possibly the last sunny walk in fall!

And there’s the pictures post! I take so many pictures of my dogs, especially Bo. I really should include one with each post [that doesn’t have its own theme]. He adds cuteness to all situations.

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