jumping on the bed

One little pitbull lying on the bed.
I came up and bopped his head.
“Why’d you bop me on the head?
I’m just a little pitbull lying on the bed.”

I sang the above to one of my doggies while I sneaked up on him last week. I suppose I wasn’t very stealthy. To Bop is to tap lightly with a finger, at least in this situation.

Got back the results of a baseline echocardiogram taken last week. Everything is normal except for a mildly enlarged left atrium. Most common cause seems to be high blood pressure. While I don’t have high blood pressure, it does rise very quickly during exertion and pretty much anything qualifies as exertion, so it’s probably still the most likely cause.

Weekend wasn’t nearly long enough. I had Friday off as a holiday, but I visited an ophthalmologist and had the window motor replaced in my driver side door so it felt like a day of errands. Probably wouldn’t have been quite so frustrating if the ophthalmologist hadn’t told me I need to start wearing a different [weaker] prescription for computer work and if the mechanic hadn’t left me waiting for 1.5 hours before working on my car. Still, we took the dogs out for walks every day of the holiday break. I appreciate my exercise having a purpose besides itself, instead of moving for the sake of moving.

As of today, I am back to eating ketogenically. It was a joint decision between my husband and myself. We both want to eat healthier and try to start feeling better. He’s been having chronic breathing problems that he thinks might be related to the weight he’s packed on. I’ve been sleeping worse and having chronic shin splints. Would make sense for the pain in my legs to get worse as I gain weight. I’m not quite back to my Highest Weight Ever, but I’m close. While I have made great strides in loving myself as I am and dressing in what I enjoy regardless of size, I am not blind to the effect my increased weight has on my health. I want to be healthier, and my eating habits are one thing I have the ability to change.

My feelings on body positivity and health could take up an entire post of their own, but I will say that my goals are mine alone based on my personal health level and desires. I will not assume that someone else at the same weight is at the same level of health nor that their goals for where they want to be need be the same as mine. Just as I do not care to be at the same physical fitness level as someone who runs marathons for fun, I will not expect someone else to desire the same fitness level that I desire. Similarly, I would resent anyone setting an expectation for me. My goals are my own, to be set and to be met. Through mutual agreement, my husband and I share our health journey as we share pretty much everything. Except for Midsomer Murders. He refuses to watch it with me.

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