hyperfocused but accomplishing little

So ADHD comes in both hyperactive and inattentive flavors. I personally am inattentive and the only hyperactivity I show is fidgeting and occasionally running in overdrive. But regardless of the subtype, those with ADHD can experience hyperfocus. This is an extended and obsessive period of focus that cannot be easily changed or stopped. I’ve heard multiple times that ADHD is poorly named because it’s not a deficit of attention. It’s a misdirection of attention, an inability to control how, when, on what and for how long attention manifests.

I ran into that today. I knew knew knew I was getting majorly sidetracked, but I just couldn’t stop myself. I’m working on allowing myself little attention breaks to build focus skills, but it all went out the window this evening.

So you know you can pick a free phone number with Google Voice, right? Well I got it stuck in my head that I should get one before any more of the good ones were gone. (Not like the service hasn’t been out for years already, but okay.) First I needed to get all of my little tools lined up. A site for translating letters into phone numbers so I didn’t have to do it manually. Learning how Google Voice’s search worked. Learning which area codes were available. Then trying over and over and over again to find which words or phrases I liked were available as a number through Google Voice.

I did this for around four hours. I won’t tell you what I should have been doing in that time, but it was not picking phone numbers I’ll never use.

In the end, I did get some pretty cute ones. Yes, plural. I couldn’t just let the second and third place choices go, so I signed into some of my other gmail accounts and gave them numbers, too. Yep. I have three virtual numbers now with no identified use for them. But damn do they make me smile.

Oh brain. Today was all about you.

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