Doing my best to keep moving forward today. It was actually a pretty good day until I got the verdict on my car. Head gasket needs to be replaced, but the cost of the repair is more than my car is worth. So I will need to buy a replacement car, but in the meantime I can’t drive mine because it might destroy the engine if it gets any worst, and I’m hoping to keep it running to be a trade in. I don’t even know where the title is. I already have one car loan in my name, so I’ve sent an email off to my loan agent to figure out what my options are. Keep moving forward. Keep moving forward.

In superseded news, I’ve been considering starting a Youtube channel to explore my passion of cheese. If there’s one thing that I never lose interest in, it’s that lovely dairy product. It was my husband’s idea after I mentioned that if I forget to take notes on my impressions of a cheese, I can’t remember its name and whether or not I liked it when I go to buy more cheese. I know, my memory has gotten really bad. I’m adjusting to it, but part of that adjustment is learning to write myself notes and record things since the information only has about a 25% chance max of making it into long term storage. I’ve already outlined my key points for each show, at least in the cheese exploration episodes. I’ve also searched Youtube and don’t think there’s a comparable channel dedicated purely to cheese reviews and exploration. Gourmet shows will touch on cheese and there are shows on cheese making and cheese plating, but not dedicated to the everyday person enjoying different types of cheese and sharing their impressions and use in dishes. Each episode would be dedicated to a different type of cheese. I’m not saying my search was exhaustive, but I don’t think there are thousands of cheese head channels out there.

As excited as I am for the idea, I need to get this car stuff taken care of before taking a serious look at the feasibility of a Youtube channel. I wouldn’t be aiming for high production values, so there might not be a lot of overhead since I already spend money on cheese. But this car situation is already taking a lot out of me emotionally. The stress level has been ratcheted up pretty high. Shoulders… tensing… So for now my time and energy will be devoted to getting a car and dealing with the old one. One thing at a time so I don’t get overwhelmed. I’ll be honest, sometimes it seems like with my poor luck and my husband’s poor luck in the same household, we can’t go two months without some kind of drama being forced into our lives. I know other people have problems and I just don’t see all of the things they are having to face, but sometimes it just feels like we have an extra helping of crap going wrong. Example? I just put new tires on this car. The month before, I put new brakes on it. Really. Phew. Breathe deep. Just keep moving forward.

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