early holiday presents

Yesterday’s post was a bit heavy, so let’s keep things light today. How about early Christmas presents? Anyone know what they’re getting yet, or have you gotten yourself a little somethingsomething? I have something! *dances around* My husband gave me an early present of a DSLR camera, something I’ve wanted since my SLR became defunct with the advent of digital cameras a few years after I got it. I’m so excited! I’ve been using it every evening to get familiar with it and been watching tutorials for it on YouTube.

He originally got me the Canon T6 bundle with camera, two lenses, and camera bag. I exchanged it and paid the difference for a Canon SL2 with just the starter lens. If I ever find my old camera bag (stashed somewhere in my house behind loads of stuff), it has a strong zoom lens in it which will fit the SL2. I have a tripod coming tomorrow that will allow me to film from overhead while doing my cheese shots. I’m picking up a cheap clamp light, dimmable LED daylight bulbs, and a dimmer cord from Lowe’s this evening, so I can test out some DIY lighting. I have a few other bits and bobs coming in for the camera, too, but I’m trying to restrain myself from going crazy. Anything as an excuse to buy stuff, eh?

I know he isn’t expecting a present from me and in fact doesn’t want anything other than the required Terry’s milk chocolate orange. Still, I plan on offering to cook xmas dinner (it’s usually his holiday to cook) as another way of saying Thank You.

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