cheese if you please

<insert poorly executed drumroll> I started the process of making a Youtube channel! It’s going to be a cheese review channel aimed at the everyday person who loves cheese but isn’t a cheese expert (and frankly, doesn’t have the time, money, or desire to be one). I feel comfortable focusing on it now because my car drama was resolved over the weekend (and then a speeding bullet highway rock promptly chipped the windshield of my new used car, but it’s already been patched). I’ve been watching videos on how to record good looking shots with a smartphone, set up lighting, and name effectively on Youtube.

I made a couple different channel and Twitter names, seeing what was available and what resonated after a little time had passed. I really love the name Fromage Force Five. It’s both fun and a reference to a movie I like (Pulp Fiction). However, I don’t speak French so it’s a little weird to include a French word in my name as I’m then choosing it only because it sounds cool and not because it has any relevance to me. That might be okay, but it also isn’t going to be as searchable on Youtube as the word “cheese,” and it wouldn’t convey what the show is about. If you happen to know what fromage means, you might think I did Pulp Fiction-themed food or something. I still think the name is adorable, but I think it might be better used as a series name. Right now I have it narrowed down to Cheese It! and Cheese Camp. I think the first one is more fun, so I think that will be the name of the cheese review series. I think the second is easier for people to remember, locate through search, and identify with, so it will probably be the channel name. I can also market it better on other sites, I think. One of the tips for creating a Youtube channel that people would find a connection with was to consider creating a tribe, a name that you call your viewers so they identify as part of a special group. I think Cheese Camp lends itself to that better than Cheese It! I could come up with a random name (like the Fromage Force) for Cheese It!, but Cheese Camp gives you campers who can be in different cabins, like Wensleydale Cabin. How adorable is that?! I have plans to eventually create a quiz that will sort viewers into their cheesy cabin. But first we have to discover the attributes of each cheese so we know what each cabin represents!

(Hmm, while rereading that paragraph, I really like Fromage Force as the tribe name. It’s so much more fun than Campers or Cheese Campers. I suppose I could still have the whole Cheese Camp theme underlying the channel while calling my subscribers the Fromage Force. It’s sort of like… I offer cheese camp with learning and taste testing to everyone, but only the dedicated ones who stick around make it into the Fromage Force. Definitely more exciting than, I dunno, Camp Counselors or something.)

I’m super excited about this. I don’t want to overload myself, but I feel pretty good about being able to get a few videos out of one recording day. My initial thought was to upload once a week, but if the multiple videos from one recording session works out, I might be able to upload more often. It remains to be seen, as today was my first day experimenting with lighting. I’ll also need to really clean my kitchen if I’m going to be filming in there. I know to expect haters, but I can at least minimize those saying “how can you cook in those conditions, much less eat whatever is prepared there?” And now I need to find my tiny tripod so I can keep my phone from falling over on the stack of books currently doing duty as my camera stand.

(Quick thought… Maybe Fromage Force Five could be adventures in acquiring cheese, actual footage outside of the house and at cheese counters, farmers’ markets, etc. Just brainstorming…)

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