brave as you want to be

I took a risk this morning. I wore blue lipstick to work.

To some this may not sound like a big deal, and to others it may sound like a bad idea, but to me it was huge. I love the blue, sparkly, metallic lipsticks I see in fashion ads. It was a secret desire to be able to wear it outside of my house, not just admire myself in my bedroom mirror and then wipe it off. “When will I have the courage to brave the stares that will inevitably come?” Never. “Where could I ever wear it without getting stares?” Nowhere, since I last went clubbing in college.

But today turned out to be never and work turned out to be nowhere. It was a casual day because we have tomorrow off for Thanksgiving. Most people had taken the day off for a holiday head start. I had the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in my dresser drawer, just waiting to be worn. I’ve been trying to make changes in my life, to live without regrets, and not ever wearing this lipstick proudly out and about would be a regret. Bolstered by the knowledge that if every person who came to work stared at me, I would still be stared at by less people than pretty much any other day, I meticulously did my makeup, slipped into my Ravenclaw house sweater, and then carefully, oh so carefully to get a clean line, slid on the metallic blue Reverb.

And it was gorgeous. Is gorgeous, as I brought it to work and reapplied after lunch. There have been some looks and one comment of “Your lipstick is blue. I didn’t know you were wearing blue lipstick!” One person went out of their way to compliment me and say it looked cool. (Much appreciated.) I think most people just averted their eyes, but there wasn’t any more averting than done on a regular “no one wants to have more interactions than necessary so no eye contact” work day.

Bravery, one. Regrets [for today], zero.

What’s one thing you know you could do but have been afraid to try? Or have you finally conquered that fear?

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