all gone

Arg. Had to pop back on here to mini-vent about my own negligence. I had a second hosting account (same company) that I’d picked up on a special discounted domain name sale. I eventually transferred the domain I wanted, which is for my writing journal, over to Google and set the account to expire. The files for that domain’s blog were still on that account. Today was my deadline to get in there and move them. I set the files on the ftp to download and then got sidetracked with work. Didn’t remember the database needed to backed up until this afternoon. By that point, my login no longer worked. Can’t get in to backup my database. Sad face. I reached out to my host in case they’ll throw me a bone and either send me a backup or transfer it to my other hosting account, but I have a sick feeling in my stomach because I think I’m going to have to start from scratch. I suppose I don’t lose too much, but I quite liked some of the writing exercises I’d completed. More sad face.

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