Here are my favorite writing resources. They range from motivational and instructional podcasts to software, but all are tools for writing, in one way or another.



So You Want to Be a Writer – Val and Al, Australian writers, discuss writing news and thought pieces, give their opinions on writing topics, and interview authors. I love that they discuss many different types of writing, both fiction and non-fiction. They also have a group on Facebook where podcast listeners can connect, ask questions, and support each other.



Scrivener – This program can be a little daunting as it’s a bit complicated. I certainly haven’t mastered using it yet. But off the bat it is already easier for me to organize and keep track of things than using a simple word processing program. I like to set mine up to sync off of Dropbox so I can access my manuscript from multiple computers. Just wish there was an android app that would sync up with it, too.



Jenna Moreci – Jenna is an author who hosts a writing-focused channel on YouTube. She delivers her content with a lot of attitude, which I usually find entertaining. She talks in an upbeat way, so her videos don’t feel like they’re dragging.

Just Write – This YouTube channel analyzes movies, TV shows, and other cultural trends to determine the lessons on writing (good or bad) we can learn from these pieces. I particularly love the video dissecting conflict and character growth as seen in The Legend of Korra. I suggest watching it after the Batman Begins episode. Together they create a strong commentary on how to make meaningful villains.



Jane Friedman – Jane has a lot of experience in the publishing field and shares that information on her blog. She has a lot of great articles for writers. I discovered her site through the So You Want to Be a Writer podcast.