what have I been reading? three most recent books

Can I write a post in 15 minutes? We’re about to find out.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Challenge 5 ~ What are the three most recent books you’ve acquired? What inspired you to buy them? Where/how did you get them?[/perfectpullquote]

The most recent book I’ve nabbed, and I’m not including ones I borrowed, is The Tea Master and The Detective by Aliette de Bodard. I purchased it on Kindle after being tempted multiple times by de Bodard’s tweets. I think I discovered her via someone I followed. I was attracted to both the cover and the title “tea master.” I’ve already finished it and it turned out to be a great novella. I loved the mindship (our tea master). A mystery in space with ships and EVA! Hits so many buttons for me. I’ll definitely read something else by de Bodard.

Second most recent was probably¬†Travail Online: Soulkeeper: LitRPG Series (Book 1) by Brian Simons. I purchased mine as an audiobook on Audible. I’d been looking specifically for a LitRPG book that had a female protagonist who was written well, was set in a fantasy game, and included life in and outside of the game. While it’s a lot cheaper as an ebook than audiobook, I personally loved the audio version. I’d like to get the next book on Audible, but it doesn’t have an audiobook yet. Nooo! If you enjoy gaming and books in which others are gaming, I highly recommend this book. It was fun, included both fighting and crafting (my fave), and didn’t treat its female characters like eye candy. I was looking for this kind of book as a response to another LitRPG book I’d read that left me super-annoyed at the treatment of the female characters. Very much a madonna/whore trope. Ugh.

I’m going to say number three is Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series. I bought the seven books in an eBay lot. I still haven’t opened the box (which I should probably do to make sure the books are in okay condition), but I’m looking forward to seeing them all on a shelf together. I don’t actually know where I’ll find room for them, but that’s a different problem. I bought them because I’ve actually never read Foundation. I KNOW! My older brother read it when I was young and we watched some weird TV/movie adaptation of it that I’ve never looked up again (now I’m going to have to). It’s always been in my mind to read it, but I never did. I’ve read other Asimov, but not that. Not sure why. But that’s going to be rectified soon!

Hah! That was written in about 12 minutes. Go me.