the weird spice of life

I love running into little weird situations, moments of dissonance, that make my day more amusing and interesting. They are a mental “stop and smell the roses.” Well, if the rose turned out to be a tulip wearing rose scent and a few fake petals. I am someone who pauses to appreciate the ridiculous.

Professionally, I am a technical writer, so I’m predisposed to getting caught up in details. This morning I was using a fairly new install of Outlook and ran into a default setting that… hmm… just didn’t make a lot of sense to me. I went into my Drafts to open an email I’m adding to throughout the week and was annoyed that it wasn’t sorted correctly. It was my most recent draft, but it was listed after the oldest emails. I look at the default date column used for sorting and it’s a Sent date. And I just pause. And look at it again. A Sent By date. In a Drafts folder. Really? But it’s a Drafts folder. And pause. And laugh. I then removed that column and added the Created date column in its place, but I was amused. Thank you for the laugh, Microsoft.

I run into these situations with one of my dogs, too. I’m not saying they both don’t do silly things (nor that I don’t, either), but the smaller one, Kenzie, is much more… insane… than the other. She has so much personality that it erupts in bouts of crazy. Perhaps it’s that she is so weird, it’s almost human. No, really. Take this morning for example:

Neither dog likes to get out of bed before they have to, but Kenzie acts like a teenager about it. Bo, the older dog, hopped out of bed at potty time and waited patiently at the back door. He then pottied in the back yard, stood around sniffing for a while, and then came back inside. Kenzie was unusually active in that I didn’t have to call her five times and resort to rolling her out of her doggy bed for her to get up. She followed me outside, stared blearily in the sunlight, had a few false starts of almost walking across the porch, and then went back to her doggy bed. Apparently she decided it was too early, too bright, too something for this and she just wasn’t going to stand for it. Of course she got back up when her breakfast was ready, because while sleep is her second favorite thing in the world, food is decidedly the first.

I suppose I can understand that. There have been some mornings when promising myself a nice breakfast was the only way I pulled myself out of bed. Then I’m in a rush and often have to skip the promised meal. I can be such a jerk to myself. 🙂