[guide] setting up a new hosted WordPress site

I decided to document my steps as I set up a completely new WordPress site hosted in my Stablehost account. More information on hosting your own WordPress site (instead of running your blog from within WordPress.com) can be found at WordPress.org. I chose to use Google Domains and an existing Stablehost account, but by no means am I saying that’s all you can use. This just happens to be how I set up my vegetarian food site.

  1. Register a Domain Name
    1. Go to Google Domains.
    2. Search for a domain name you like and decide on the one to buy. Note that different endings (.com, .org, . net) may have different prices. These prices then vary depending upon the popularity of the domain you’re searching for.
    3. Add it to your cart and complete the checkout. You will need to log in with a gmail account to do this. This is the account you will use to manage your domain.
  2. Change the Name Servers
    1. Once the domain finishes registering, click on My Domains to manage the new domain.
    2. Locate the line for your new domain and click on the Configure DNS icon.
    3. Tick the radio button next to Use custom name servers.
    4. In the field, enter Stablehost’s first name server. Click on the plus sign at the end of the line.
      1. Name Server 1 example: ns1.stablehost.com
    5. In the new field, enter Stablehost’s second name server.
      1. Name Server 2 example: ns2.stablehost.com
    6. Click on the Save button.
  3. Add the Domain to Stablehost
    1. This section assumes you already have an active Stablehost account that has a main domain different than the one you just purchased.
    2. Log in to your cPanel.
    3. In the Domains section, click on Addon Domains.
    4. In the New Domain Name field, enter the domain name you purchased. Include the ending. You do not have to include www.
      1. New Domain Name example: famishedvegetarian.com
    5. Click into the Subdomain field. The Subdomain and Document Root fields will automatically populate. Leave the Subdomain field as is.
      1. Subdomain example: famishedvegetarian
    6. Change the Document Root to something shorter. I use the abbreviation of my domain name.
      1. Document Root example: FV
  4. Install WordPress
    1. Return to the cPanel front end.
    2. Scroll down to Softaculous Apps Installer.
    3. Underneath Scripts, click on WordPress.
    4. Click on Install Now.
    5. On the new screen, set Choose Protocol as appropriate for your site. I selected http:// as I don’t plan on having a store or anything else needing raised security.
    6. In Choose Domain, select your new domain.
    7. Delete anything in the In Directory field.
    8. In Site Name, type the actual name of your site, not the URL.
      1. Site Name example: Famished Vegetarian
    9. In Site Description, type what your site is about. The shorter, the better.
      1. Site Description example: Simple Recipes that Add Variety to Vegetarianism
    10. Set your Admin Username, Password and Email. I switch this to something I will remember. I also use my regular email address so I get updates to all of my sites in one place.
    11. I repeated my email in the field Email installation details to.
    12. I didn’t change any other fields or options.
    13. Click the Install button.
    14. Once the installation finishes, you’ll see a screen containing the URLs for your site.
    15. Click on the /wp-admin link for your site.
    16. Log in using the admin username and password you just set.
    17. The dashboard for your site should display. Start customizing!