[product review] Fintie tablet case with keyboard

In an effort to expand when and where I write, I bought a new case for my Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 with S Pen. It’s a Fintie Slim Fit Folio with Detachable Magnetic Bluetooth Keyboard. It includes a bluetooth keyboard and kickstand to place your tablet at a useful angle. I’m very pleased with my purchase and wanted to share my pictures and experience. Have you considered getting one? Wondering if you can just buy a keyboard for your current case? Read on to see if I answer any of your questions!

I already had a case for my tablet. It looks very similar to the new Fintie case in that my tablet fits into one side and the screen is covered with another flap, much like a hardback book with my tablet in place of the pages. (I actually wanted to get a case that looked like a book, but there wasn’t a lot of variety when I purchased my tablet.) As you can see in the picture, the Fintie is much thicker than my old case.

Fintie tablet case compared with old case | sharisaurus.com
comparison between Fintie case (black) and old tablet case

My old case used the front cover as a stand when folded behind the tablet, but the Fintie has a built-in kickstand. This allows the front cover to magnetically keep the keyboard in place, but it does limit the angles at which you can view the tablet to just one. It’s an angle that works well for me, so I quite like it.

Fintie tablet case on desk | sharisaurus.com
Fintie case set up on my desk and ready to go

Moving on to the keyboard, it’s a separate bluetooth keyboard that magnetically attaches to the case. It comes packaged in its own box within the case. The magnetic hold is quite strong, and it hasn’t moved on me while typing.

Fintie tablet case and keyboard | sharisaurus.com
bluetooth keyboard is removable

One of the most important features for me, and the deciding factor between this and another compatible case, was the raised lip on the keyboard which keeps the keys from resting against the tablet screen when shut.

open Fintie case with tablet | sharisaurus.com
Fintie case with bluetooth keyboard in place

When I saw that the keyboard could be removed, I wondered if I could have just bought a slim magnetic keyboard and inserted it into my current case. That… didn’t work out well. As you can see from the images, the case needs to be designed with extra space for the keyboard so that it can close properly. I would have to take the keyboard out to be able to close my old case, and then I’d be stuck carrying both my tablet and a separate keyboard. I’ve already tried that with a more substantial bluetooth keyboard that I like, and I just don’t enjoy carrying around a lot of separate, bulky items.

previous tablet case closed with keyboard | sharisaurus.com
my old case can’t close properly with the keyboard. if forced to close, the keyboard pops off the front cover.
Fintie case with tablet | sharisaurus.com
Fintie case closed with tablet and keyboard in place. this looks much better.

The keyboard seems to work well. I was able to sync it following the instructions and didn’t have any problems. It will go into sleep mode if you don’t use it for a few minutes, but it will wake itself back up when you start to type. It’s still asleep for those first few keystrokes, though, so press a key, give it a moment, and then start typing. I haven’t quite gotten used to the tiny keys yet and keep hitting the top row when I’m aiming for Delete, but I adjust fairly quickly once I start typing.

Fintie keyboard synced with tablet | sharisaurus.com
keyboard paired with my tablet without any issues

The auto-sleep feature doesn’t seem to be activated by the Fintie case, unlike with my last one. This feature is when the tablet screen automatically turns itself off when it recognizes the case cover has been closed. I was under the impression that it would, so I was a little surprised. This isn’t a deal breaker for me, though, because 45% of the time that feature annoyed me with my old case. When I’d bend the cover back behind the tablet to get it out of the way, my tablet would put itself to sleep because it thought the cover was closed. Super annoying. With the Fintie, I turn off the screen manually (just a button press, so no biggie) and then use the elastic band to keep the cover closed. Once I picked up the tablet and found out the screen was on already, but I may have pressed the wake button accidentally.

close Fintie tablet case | sharisaurus.com
the elastic band can be used to keep the case closed

The Fintie case has been a good purchase for me. I’ve used it while in bed to get some extra writing in. My laptop is so cumbersome that I prefer to use it at a desk or table. Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but it’s a gigantic, gaming laptop. If I want to sit in bed or some other place where I can’t use my laptop table, I’ll end up skipping writing. Turning my tablet into a tiny tiny laptop has opened up mobility possibilities for me. I’ve even taken it to a restaurant on my lunch break to do the “writer in a cafe” thing. Loving this new keyboard + case!

Fintie case, tablet and tea | sharisaurus.com
writing at a tea shop

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