hibernation begins

The weather has really turned colder in West Virginia in the last couple weeks. I’ve started my hibernation season in which I avoid any rooms in my house that don’t have heating. I certainly miss central heating. My kitchen, cruelly cold with its tile floor, is used as little as possible in the winter. Home-cooked meals decrease and dishes are washed on an as-needed basis. I picked up some slippers on Black Friday (my one purchase) after I realized I’d have to repeat a day of standing in the kitchen on Christmas. Thanksgiving was not kind on my body, but at least I can have memory foam comfort next holiday.

My dogs have been enjoying the holiday. Since I’ve been keeping my room warm while I’m home and Kenzie gets to stay inside, they’ve both been curling up on my bed. Right now Kenzie is woofing in her sleep at my feet and Bo is curled up under a blanket at my side. I made sure his nose was uncovered, but he seems to be happy in his little burrow. Continue Reading

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brave as you want to be

I took a risk this morning. I wore blue lipstick to work.

To some this may not sound like a big deal, and to others it may sound like a bad idea, but to me it was huge. I love the blue, sparkly, metallic lipsticks I see in fashion ads. It was a secret desire to be able to wear it outside of my house, not just admire myself in my bedroom mirror and then wipe it off. “When will I have the courage to brave the stares that will inevitably come?” Never. “Where could I ever wear it without getting stares?” Nowhere, since I last went clubbing in college.

But today turned out to be never and work turned out to be nowhere. Continue Reading

club mcguffin goes into storage

Ah, Club McGuffin. Such a great name. But superfluous. I don’t need to separate my writing into an entirely different blog site that requires its own upkeep. I can just create a “writing journal” on The Space Bar. I’ve already lost the posts from Club McGuffin once, and I think that dampened my spirit for the site. Continue Reading

in only 100 words

I’ve been listening to the So You Want to Be a Writer podcast for a few days, and today one of their older episodes mentioned a 100 word flash fiction contest that awards $20,000 for first place! Turns out the deadline is in two days. I’ve already written and submitted my first entry. It was more cute and witty than moving and serious, but I’m happy with it. If you’d like to check it out, the submission page is here. It was a lot of fun to create a self-contained scene in just 100 words. Had to do some strict editing! Continue Reading

UAT tears – approved

I’ve been taking part in user acceptance testing (UAT) at work, and I think the best way I can phrase the experience is “a workout for your emotional and mental strength.” Any testing can be frustrating, and that’s to be expected. The first couple weeks of UAT were “just” frustrating. You go through some extra stress because it makes the product/system better and will ultimately, as the user, make your life easier. No harm, no foul. This last set of tests, though… Hoo boy. Continue Reading

cheese if you please

<insert poorly executed drumroll> I started the process of making a Youtube channel! It’s going to be a cheese review channel aimed at the everyday person who loves cheese but isn’t a cheese expert (and frankly, doesn’t have the time, money, or desire to be one). I feel comfortable focusing on it now because my car drama was resolved over the weekend (and then a speeding bullet highway rock promptly chipped the windshield of my new used car, but it’s already been patched). I’ve been watching videos on how to record good looking shots with a smartphone, set up lighting, and name effectively on Youtube.

I made a couple different channel and Twitter names, seeing what was available and what resonated after a little time had passed. I really love the name Fromage Force Five. Continue Reading

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pumpkin dogs and skeletons

How about a post full of pictures? That should be cheerier than the last post. Here’s my area’s first snow for this winter. There wasn’t a lot, but it was super cold!

pumpkins with first snow | space-bar.org
first snow!

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Doing my best to keep moving forward today. It was actually a pretty good day until I got the verdict on my car. Head gasket needs to be replaced, but the cost of the repair is more than my car is worth. So I will need to buy a replacement car, but in the meantime I can’t drive mine because it might destroy the engine if it gets any worst, and I’m hoping to keep it running to be a trade in. I don’t even know where the title is. I already have one car loan in my name, so I’ve sent an email off to my loan agent to figure out what my options are. Keep moving forward. Keep moving forward.

In superseded news, I’ve been considering starting a Youtube channel to explore my passion of cheese. Continue Reading

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choosing change

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been listening to a weight loss podcast for motivation and to better understand the science behind nutrition and fat burning. The speaker is very enthusiastic, and her tips apply to so many areas of life, not just weight loss. I credit it with being a major push behind my recent drive to be more active (both physically and emotionally) in my own life. I don’t want to look back from another birthday and think about all of the things I wish had happened that year. I want to look back and be proud of the things I did and excited for the things I am doing. Continue Reading

another great day! [blog] | sharisaurus.com

another great day!

I had a mini-epiphany (miniphany?) today while driving back to work on my lunch break. Today was another great day. Yes, this is an affirmation post. I didn’t think yesterday was a great day while it was happening, but now… yeah, I think it was a great day. And today is, too. I’m alive. I have the ability to make my own choices and follow through on them. Everyone I love stayed alive today. Sure, the sentiment is a little corny, a little silly even, but I feel better when believing that I have the choice of thinking of today as a good day or a bad day. Every day has pain and disappointment in it. But what I focus on gives the greatest weight to my day. Today I choose to focus on the positive and deal with the negatives as just a part of any day. There are no perfect days, even if our memories and dreams try to tell us there are. But imperfect doesn’t equal bad.  Continue Reading