UAT tears – approved

I’ve been taking part in user acceptance testing (UAT) at work, and I think the best way I can phrase the experience is “a workout for your emotional and mental strength.” Any testing can be frustrating, and that’s to be expected. The first couple weeks of UAT were “just” frustrating. You go through some extra stress because it makes the product/system better and will ultimately, as the user, make your life easier. No harm, no foul. This last set of tests, though… Hoo boy. Continue Reading

cheese if you please

<insert poorly executed drumroll> I started the process of making a Youtube channel! It’s going to be a cheese review channel aimed at the everyday person who loves cheese but isn’t a cheese expert (and frankly, doesn’t have the time, money, or desire to be one). I feel comfortable focusing on it now because my car drama was resolved over the weekend (and then a speeding bullet highway rock promptly chipped the windshield of my new used car, but it’s already been patched). I’ve been watching videos on how to record good looking shots with a smartphone, set up lighting, and name effectively on Youtube.

I made a couple different channel and Twitter names, seeing what was available and what resonated after a little time had passed. I really love the name Fromage Force Five. Continue Reading

walking pitbulls on the rail trail |

pumpkin dogs and skeletons

How about a post full of pictures? That should be cheerier than the last post. Here’s my area’s first snow for this winter. There wasn’t a lot, but it was super cold!

pumpkins with first snow |
first snow!

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Doing my best to keep moving forward today. It was actually a pretty good day until I got the verdict on my car. Head gasket needs to be replaced, but the cost of the repair is more than my car is worth. So I will need to buy a replacement car, but in the meantime I can’t drive mine because it might destroy the engine if it gets any worst, and I’m hoping to keep it running to be a trade in. I don’t even know where the title is. I already have one car loan in my name, so I’ve sent an email off to my loan agent to figure out what my options are. Keep moving forward. Keep moving forward.

In superseded news, I’ve been considering starting a Youtube channel to explore my passion of cheese. Continue Reading

migrating from iPage to Stablehost |

[guide] migrating a WordPress site from iPage to Stablehost

I recently posted that I’d switched hosting services but done it with enough time left on my old account to migrate my WordPress sites (unlike last time where I lost some posts). I’ve just migrated my webcomic site, and it reminded me that the steps for transferring out of iPage are a little murky compared to moving from a host that uses cpanel to another host that uses cpanel (like Stablehost). I personally like to follow the instructions in the video Migrate a WordPress site [2017] to a new host and new domain manually | WP Learning Lab, but I have to modify the beginning for iPage. This time I documented my modified steps, so if you’re in the same situation, here are the steps to get your WordPress files and database out of iPage and into any host that uses cpanel (like Stablehost).

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CBD jars from

[product review] i demoed CBD cream

Last weekend I had the opportunity to demo a CBD (cannabidiol) cream. I’ve read that others with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome have used CBD to deal with their daily pain, so I was interested to find out if the cream could actually relieve any of my joint pain. I say “demoed” instead of “tried” because it was only one application. To give a fair review of a lotion that claims to decrease pain, it should probably be taken as recommended for one month. I think that’s a decent amount of time to expect something to start making a noticeable difference. If you’d like to find out my impression from one day of application, read on! Continue Reading

a game reborn

Just a little update on me. I’m working on posts about the wound vac and brain fog, but I wanted to write a little bit without needing to concentrate so much.

I’m still working from home, but I’ve been without the wound vac for almost one week. My surgeon’s nurse decided to try Aquacel AG for a week instead. At my checkup tomorrow, she’ll decide if we go back to the vac or continue with the Aquacel. Continue Reading | writing on the back porch

this is the life

It’s the day before Independence Day, and I have today and tomorrow off work. After taking my dog for a walk on the nearby trail, eating too much food, watching Midsomer Murders, and starting a load of dishes, I’ve now moved my laptop outside with a little desk and am sitting on the back porch, writing. The weather is beautiful, my loveseat is comfy, and I’m dressed in eccentric flowing pants. While I can imagine a more inspiring environment, I think I’m doing pretty good for using what’s at hand. Continue Reading

[book review] knight of lost words

In my last post, I mentioned that I’d started on Seanan McGuire‘s October Daye series. On Saturday I finished book ten in the series, which is the most recent novel. Book three was both creepy and action-filled and got me hooked by kicking the fantasy up a notch. In the rest of the series, Toby continued to face bigger and badder situations, get the crap kicked out of her, and still come out -mostly- on top. Continue Reading

the weird spice of life

I love running into little weird situations, moments of dissonance, that make my day more amusing and interesting. They are a mental “stop and smell the roses.” Well, if the rose turned out to be a tulip wearing rose scent and a few fake petals. I am someone who pauses to appreciate the ridiculous. Continue Reading