importance of an online platform |

an online platform is still important for unpublished authors

I’d like to share an experience in which I learned first hand why an author platform is so important to have even before you’ve published any work.

One of the writers I follow on Twitter posted a Follow Friday tweet advertising a few writers. As an unpublished writer, I like to follow and interact with other writers who seem to be doing writerly things, although that doesn’t have to be their only interest. I visited those that responded to his post with a “thank you.” Let’s contrast two of the profiles I viewed. Continue Reading

review of Elysium Fire |

[book review] Elysium Fire by Alastair Reynolds


This morning I finished listening to the audiobook of Elysium Fire by Alastair Reynolds. It’s a Science Fiction story set in Reynolds’ Revelation Space universe. It was read by the wonderful John Lee, a Welsh voice actor whose voice and accent I find incredibly soothing. I think I first listened to a Peter F. Hamilton story because it was read by Lee, and Hamilton’s Commonwealth universe is now one of my favorites. I enjoyed Lee’s reading of Elysium Fire, as well, and thought he handled the variety of voices in a way that was distinctive without being grating or jarring. Continue Reading

2018 Bullet Journal |

kicking off 2018 with a bullet journal

Tomorrow is the first day of a new year. I’m hoping for a better year politically and socially. 2017 wasn’t disastrous on the personal level, but it had a lot of ups and downs. I had several “oh shit, shopaholic” moments, but I’ve also recognized I have a problem and am trying to change these negative habits. I’m starting a spending fast in January to save money to pay off debt. I want to dedicate an entire post to the concept, but essentially I commit to not spending any money on unnecessary items. For a year. What I deem necessary is up to me, and I may allow myself a nice coffee once a week, but giving myself too many exceptions defeats the whole point of the fast. Continue Reading

creating multi-book timeline |

creating a multi-book timeline

As I’ve started planning my novel (yes, I’m a Planner), I’ve found it helpful to draft a timeline to keep track of when important events happen in relation to each other. I also hope that it helps with pacing and plot advancement. Yesterday, as I was doing some hardcore thinking about my story, I realized that some of the events I want to include need an extended timeline to build them up. For example, the main character may have a hobby she becomes talented at that then becomes a point of conflict with a parent. So I began drafting a multi-story timeline. Elements mentioned in passing when we first meet our protagonist later become conflicts that develop her character. Continue Reading

developing plot through world-building |

developing plot through world-building

I had a minipiphany (mini-epiphany) today while doing some world-building for my current project. I discovered that world-building can lead to plot development. I have a habit of creating worlds and characters I love but being unable to figure out any interesting plots in which to use them. There was no objective for my character to work toward and no conflict in their way. Today I finally started jotting down the world-building ideas that had been rattling around in my head for days, and it lead to a eureka plot moment. I know the conflict! I know the goal! My character has something to DO. Continue Reading

everything is so heavy in the future

early holiday presents

Yesterday’s post was a bit heavy, so let’s keep things light today. How about early Christmas presents? Anyone know what they’re getting yet, or have you gotten yourself a little somethingsomething? I have something! *dances around* My husband gave me an early present of a DSLR camera, something I’ve wanted since my SLR became defunct with the advent of digital cameras a few years after I got it. I’m so excited! I’ve been using it every evening to get familiar with it and been watching tutorials for it on YouTube. Continue Reading

hibernation begins

The weather has really turned colder in West Virginia in the last couple weeks. I’ve started my hibernation season in which I avoid any rooms in my house that don’t have heating. I certainly miss central heating. My kitchen, cruelly cold with its tile floor, is used as little as possible in the winter. Home-cooked meals decrease and dishes are washed on an as-needed basis. I picked up some slippers on Black Friday (my one purchase) after I realized I’d have to repeat a day of standing in the kitchen on Christmas. Thanksgiving was not kind on my body, but at least I can have memory foam comfort next holiday.

My dogs have been enjoying the holiday. Since I’ve been keeping my room warm while I’m home and Kenzie gets to stay inside, they’ve both been curling up on my bed. Right now Kenzie is woofing in her sleep at my feet and Bo is curled up under a blanket at my side. I made sure his nose was uncovered, but he seems to be happy in his little burrow. Continue Reading

Reverb by Kat Von D |

brave as you want to be

I took a risk this morning. I wore blue lipstick to work.

To some this may not sound like a big deal, and to others it may sound like a bad idea, but to me it was huge. I love the blue, sparkly, metallic lipsticks I see in fashion ads. It was a secret desire to be able to wear it outside of my house, not just admire myself in my bedroom mirror and then wipe it off. “When will I have the courage to brave the stares that will inevitably come?” Never. “Where could I ever wear it without getting stares?” Nowhere, since I last went clubbing in college.

But today turned out to be never and work turned out to be nowhere. Continue Reading

club mcguffin goes into storage

Ah, Club McGuffin. Such a great name. But superfluous. I don’t need to separate my writing into an entirely different blog site that requires its own upkeep. I can just create a “writing journal” on The Space Bar. I’ve already lost the posts from Club McGuffin once, and I think that dampened my spirit for the site. Continue Reading

in only 100 words

I’ve been listening to the So You Want to Be a Writer podcast for a few days, and today one of their older episodes mentioned a 100 word flash fiction contest that awards $20,000 for first place! Turns out the deadline is in two days. I’ve already written and submitted my first entry. It was more cute and witty than moving and serious, but I’m happy with it. If you’d like to check it out, the submission page is here. It was a lot of fun to create a self-contained scene in just 100 words. Had to do some strict editing! Continue Reading