in only 100 words

I’ve been listening to the So You Want to Be a Writer podcast for a few days, and today one of their older episodes mentioned a 100 word flash fiction contest that awards $20,000 for first place! Turns out the deadline is in two days. I’ve already written and submitted my first entry. It was more cute and witty than moving and serious, but I’m happy with it. If you’d like to check it out, the submission page is here. It was a lot of fun to create a self-contained scene in just 100 words. Had to do some strict editing!

Two entries per author are allowed, so I’m going to whip up another one. I have one more day, so I’m going to let ideas percolate in the back of my mind. Should I aim for dramatically moving? That’s what won last year. Maybe doing a writing prompt post will get the juices flowing.

I recorded my first cheese review over the weekend. I was actually a bit depressed after. Tasting the cheese and then getting my husband’s feedback on the cheese, so different from my own, really hammered home my poorly developed palate. My crap taste buds. It isn’t that I can’t taste or smell things properly (although admittedly my sinuses are a dried up mess of coagulation right now… there’s a pretty picture for you). It’s that I don’t know how to separate smells or tastes and I focus so much on texture that I don’t naturally get the scent of the food going up into my nose, so I’m not actually smelling the food. Supposedly flavor is 80% sense of smell, and I may fall short in that regard. Anyway, it was just frustrating. I’m now using my husband as a sounding board to check what I taste against what he tastes. It seems to be helping me draw out flavors, and that’s part of the goal of the video series. I want to get better at appreciating cheese, and I’m documenting it to share with others.

My grilled cheese experiment was awesome, though. I had to do it twice because it’s been over a year and a half since I last grilled a sandwich, but the second one was lovely. And I don’t just have my own opinion on that!