hibernation begins

The weather has really turned colder in West Virginia in the last couple weeks. I’ve started my hibernation season in which I avoid any rooms in my house that don’t have heating. I certainly miss central heating. My kitchen, cruelly cold with its tile floor, is used as little as possible in the winter. Home-cooked meals decrease and dishes are washed on an as-needed basis. I picked up some slippers on Black Friday (my one purchase) after I realized I’d have to repeat a day of standing in the kitchen on Christmas. Thanksgiving was not kind on my body, but at least I can have memory foam comfort next holiday.

My dogs have been enjoying the holiday. Since I’ve been keeping my room warm while I’m home and Kenzie gets to stay inside, they’ve both been curling up on my bed. Right now Kenzie is woofing in her sleep at my feet and Bo is curled up under a blanket at my side. I made sure his nose was uncovered, but he seems to be happy in his little burrow.

The cheese channel has been coming along in a manner of speaking. I have a better idea on my video production direction after letting my husband view the uncut take of the first episode. Because I’m not yet comfortable enough to speak in an uncut take and I kept shifting my eyes to my script after talking, it’s hard to cut the takes together fluidly. He suggested a top down view focused on the cheese so I could then do a voice over, something I have more experience with as an online DJ and dabbler in the voice acting world. It will be nice to put my sound equipment back into use. I converted my boom mic stand into a smartphone stand to get a steady overhead shot. Because I have both a Samsung phone and tablet, I can use SideSync to control my phone from my tablet including making sure my shot is focused and pressing Record. It’s pretty awesome. I’m excited to record an overhead video, but the setup is in my living room which is an unheated room so, once again, hibernating. I have several cheeses I’d like to eat, though, and I’m making myself record a cheese for the YouTube channel before I can polish it off, so I’m sure I’ll record one soon. I have enough of the Jack O Pumpkinseed from my now-defunct second video that I could probably record it. I think 5 minutes is a good amount of time for a review video. When I’m watching videos on YouTube, I prefer short ones. It’s one thing if I go into it expecting a TV show format, but I’m usually not. I’m expecting something quick and either informative or entertaining, preferably both. So I’ll aim for 5 minutes of overhead shot time, and it can be edited with other footage as needed.

News from the Mundane…Our trash pick up service apparently decided to take the entire Thanksgiving week off. Our trash pick up should have been this past Monday, but the entire street’s bags were still sitting there on Tuesday. Fast forward to the holiday weekend, and our bags have been ripped open by some animal and the trash is starting to spill out. Yay. So now I get to rebag our trash in the hopes that they decide to pick it up tomorrow. I’ve been putting it off as long as I can, which I’m sure my neighbors loved. But you know what? I didn’t get the entire week off, and my trash gets bagged and put out on the weekend. That’s it. It’s cold, I’m lazy, and this is pulling me out of my hibernation schedule.