hidradenitis suppurativa

It’s time for me to write about one of the reasons I started this blog, one of the reasons I needed to just get my thoughts and feelings out of my own head. The beginning of this year has been pretty medically significant for me. In February I received three different diagnoses. One is a eureka moment connecting multiple problems investigated over the years, but the relief that this would have brought has been overshadowed by the other two, both of which are skin conditions that I had little control over developing and have only slight control over now. Continue Reading

the weird spice of life

I love running into little weird situations, moments of dissonance, that make my day more amusing and interesting. They areĀ a mental “stop and smell the roses.” Well, if the rose turned out to be a tulip wearing rose scent and a few fake petals. I am someone who pauses to appreciate the ridiculous. Continue Reading

a personal space

Similar to my altaholism in online games, I tend to make multiple blogs and then spend a little time on each of them. I have one for my webcomic and one for my writing exercises and development. Continue Reading