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a write mess and a plan

So I’ve rebranded my blog to “a write mess” and updated the URL to match my cross-social media presence (@sharisaurus). For various reasons, I’ve separated my online and real life identities for a very long time. Since it’s amazingly easy now to match up the two, I’ve decided to embrace the simplicity of one online presence (with various other channels/pages for my projects). Continue Reading

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holy crap, hoarder!

I’m on a kick of improving the things that I’m dissatisfied with in my life. So many things out of our direct control can cause stress and pain. But right now my life is in a really good placeā€¦ except for the problems I’ve created. Sure, I have job stress and my anxiety, but most of my stress comes from situations I could change, but don’t.

What are these situations? Continue Reading

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i am a hoarder

I recently made a list of the activities that are most important to me. I didn’t add things like “spend time with my husband” and “cuddle my dogs” because those are so integral to my life that I don’t need to organize them. They happen every day and are the constants that keep me going. I’m talking about things like writing regularly with a goal of publication, drawing my webcomic, and getting my cheese channel off the ground. Perhaps not so coincidentally, they are all creative pursuits in one way or another. Continue Reading