regaining cleaning momentum after illness [blog] |

regaining cleaning momentum after illness

I did promise a post about deep cleaning my bedroom, didn’t I? But sometimes (many times) things can’t just be easy. As I was writing this post in the week after my July 4th break, I developed what looked like a strong allergic reaction rash. After it didn’t subside over the weekend, I saw my doctor and was diagnosed with Shingles. Apparently anyone who’s had chicken pox has a chance of developing Shingles because the virus stays dormant in your system until it reactivates during a time of compromised immune response. Did you know that stress can compromise your immune system? Continue Reading

[book review] How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind |

[book review] How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind by Dana K. White

Let’s get straight to the point. I loved this book. How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind by Dana K. White is one woman’s experiment in taking back control of her messy house. She passes the successful strategies and habits on to others who treat (or ignore) housework as she did. I listened to the audiobook but I’m tempted to get the print version because I enjoyed it so much. It’s read by the author and she did an amazing job of being engaging. It feels like listening to an understanding friend talk about how they managed to get some semblance of control over their home. Her advice is realistic. She acknowledges that you might need to tweak things to work for you but doesn’t compromise on the main goal of getting your house under control. Continue Reading

ants in your pants [blog] |

ants in your pants

I’m slowly accepting that I don’t see messes as they actually are. I’ll have the nagging feeling that something needs to be done about a particular spot, but there are so many of these nagging spots that no individual one stands out and cries “Start here! Start with me! I’m the most important!” Something will have to be done about them in the future because they’re not that bad yet. It’s a lie! They start off as “not that bad yet,” but my mind never upgrades them to “now it’s that bad!” Until something forces me to notice and act immediately. Which is what happened at the end of last week when I noticed a few ants crawling across my bedroom wall. Continue Reading

starting with the kitchen [blog] |

starting with the kitchen

I want to dive a bit more deeply into why I started in my kitchen when cleaning my house, what I did to make a difference, and what I’ve learned from sticking with it. If you’re new to my blog, I’ve accepted that I’m a hoarder. And now I’m trying to do something about it on my own terms. I’ve posted about not giving up my de-stressing time to clean. This post is about what I have done and how I’m going to build on it. It’s a long one. Continue Reading

what is "a lot of dishes?" [blog] |

what is “a lot of dishes?”

When people say “I really need to do my dishes” or “I have a lot of dishes to wash,” I wonder just how many dishes they mean. Because I’ve said the same thing, but a more accurate way of putting it would be “Almost every usable pot, pan, sheet, dish, bowl and glass in my house is dirty and sitting out. Some may no longer be usable because they were so bad the last time I looked at them that I set them outside just to get the stink out of the house and then forgot about them. I have more dishes to wash than I have the ability to wash in one day.” Continue Reading

Decluttering While Working Full-time [blog] |

my honest take on decluttering while working full-time

I’ve been trying to get my motivation up to start decluttering, tidying, cleaning, whatever you want to call it. When I get home from work, stressed just from being around other people, it’s relaxing to be able to use my space without stuff being in the way. To not come home to more work. To not feel closed in and trapped by all of the clutter around me. Except, of course, that clutter is the state of my home right now. Continue Reading

hyperfocused but accomplishing little [blog] |

hyperfocused but accomplishing little

So ADHD comes in both hyperactive and inattentive flavors. I personally am inattentive and the only hyperactivity I show is fidgeting and occasionally running in overdrive. But regardless of the subtype, those with ADHD can experience hyperfocus. This is an extended and obsessive period of focus that cannot be easily changed or stopped. I’ve heard multiple times that ADHD is poorly named because it’s not a deficit of attention. It’s a misdirection of attention, an inability to control how, when, on what and for how long attention manifests.

Continue Reading

How Hoarding Leads to Spending Money |

how hoarding leads to spending money

A glimpse into the life of a hoarder. . .

Having a lot of stuff, a lot of clutter, can itself lead to buying more things. You’d think having a lot would keep you from buying more. What could you need? You already own it all, right?

Maybe. Who knows? 90% of the stuff I own is either inaccessible, because it’s lost behind the 10% I can get to, or it’s not where I’d think to look for it. Continue Reading

30 days of Vyvanse |

30 days of Vyvanse

Today is the first day I am treating my newly-diagnosed ADHD with medication. It was recommended by my therapist, who I am going to continue seeing for CBT, and prescribed by my primary care doctor after discussing the recommendation with him. He’s prescribed 30 days of Vyvanse 20mg and then wants to see me again before continuing or increasing the dosage. My doc and I are on the same page here. Take it slow, watch how it goes. It wasn’t required, but I decided to have my blood pressure checked every week so I don’t get any surprises. Continue Reading

ADHD and hoarding |

ADHD and hoarding

I’ve had a lot to consider since my last blog post. This hoarding thing has taken over so much of my life (which I suppose is part of what makes it “hoarding” and not “clutter”), that I decided to see a therapist about it. My goal was to find out if this truly was Hoarding Disorder and what I could do to start making a difference since my desire for change is often more theoretical than something I can act upon when it matters. I’m glad I went, because it seems there’s a broader issue going on that I wouldn’t have put together on my own. Continue Reading