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hyperfocused but accomplishing little

So ADHD comes in both hyperactive and inattentive flavors. I personally am inattentive and the only hyperactivity I show is fidgeting and occasionally running in overdrive. But regardless of the subtype, those with ADHD can experience hyperfocus. This is an extended and obsessive period of focus that cannot be easily changed or stopped. I’ve heard multiple times that ADHD is poorly named because it’s not a deficit of attention. It’s a misdirection of attention, an inability to control how, when, on what and for how long attention manifests.

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can you find a theme in this multipotentialite mess? [blog] | sharisaurus.com

can you find a theme in this multipotentialite mess?

In yesterday’s post, I realized that narrowing the focus of my blog hasn’t necessarily been good for me. It’s more cohesive, but it’s not the emotional outlet and brain dump I wanted from blogging. I feel stifled by strictness. Writing too much about one thing makes that thing less enjoyable. Not writing about all of the other things banging around in my head leaves me dissatisfied. So I wanted to take the multipotentialite (interests spanning multiple areas) approach and start with what areas I want to share and then create a theme that unifies these topics. Only problem… I’m all over the place. I cannot find a theme here despite trying to group items into categories. Take a look at my list and see if you can do better. What theme would you suggest? Any help is appreciated! Continue Reading

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kicking off keto

Taking a break from my #readerswhowrite posts to do a personal entry. At the beginning of the month, I started eating a ketogenic diet (low carb, moderate protein, high fat). My main goals are weight loss and digestive stabilization. I decided it was time to take some more action on getting healthier. I’m starting to have increased joint pain, decreased endurance, and some other issues that I associate with my weight. I have no target weight. I just want to be in less pain and be able to move easier. Continue Reading

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minor surgery for hidradenitis suppurativa

Do you have a mild case of Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS)? Any stubborn spots that refuse to go away? I do, and I did. It’s an inflammatory skin disease that can make you feel embarrassed and alone, so I think it’s important to speak out about it. I’d like to share my experience with minor surgery to extract an HS cyst. I felt my options were limited and scary, but it’s turned out well (so far). Maybe I can assuage some of your fears. Continue Reading

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how hoarding leads to spending money

A glimpse into the life of a hoarder. . .

Having a lot of stuff, a lot of clutter, can itself lead to buying more things. You’d think having a lot would keep you from buying more. What could you need? You already own it all, right?

Maybe. Who knows? 90% of the stuff I own is either inaccessible, because it’s lost behind the 10% I can get to, or it’s not where I’d think to look for it. Continue Reading

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30 days of Vyvanse

Today is the first day I am treating my newly-diagnosed ADHD with medication. It was recommended by my therapist, who I am going to continue seeing for CBT, and prescribed by my primary care doctor after discussing the recommendation with him. He’s prescribed 30 days of Vyvanse 20mg and then wants to see me again before continuing or increasing the dosage. My doc and I are on the same page here. Take it slow, watch how it goes. It wasn’t required, but I decided to have my blood pressure checked every week so I don’t get any surprises. Continue Reading

ADHD and hoarding

I’ve had a lot to consider since my last blog post. This hoarding thing has taken over so much of my life (which I suppose is part of what makes it “hoarding” and not “clutter”), that I decided to see a therapist about it. My goal was to find out if this truly was Hoarding Disorder and what I could do to start making a difference since my desire for change is often more theoretical than something I can act upon when it matters. I’m glad I went, because it seems there’s a broader issue going on that I wouldn’t have put together on my own. Continue Reading

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2018 begins with healing

First post of 2018! In a wonderfully coincidental turn, my first wound checkup of the year showed me to be so healed that I shouldn’t need any more follow ups. After this week, I shouldn’t even need to wear a bandage covering. Which means I can take regular baths again! Yessss. Continue Reading

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kicking off 2018 with a bullet journal

Tomorrow is the first day of a new year. I’m hoping for a better year politically and socially. 2017 wasn’t disastrous on the personal level, but it had a lot of ups and downs. I had several “oh shit, shopaholic” moments, but I’ve also recognized I have a problem and am trying to change these negative habits. I’m starting a spending fast in January to save money to pay off debt. I want to dedicate an entire post to the concept, but essentially I commit to not spending any money on unnecessary items. For a year. What I deem necessary is up to me, and I may allow myself a nice coffee once a week, but giving myself too many exceptions defeats the whole point of the fast. Continue Reading

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pilonidal update, almost healed!

It’s been a while since I posted a health update, so I think it’s time to check in. When I was diagnosed with several “rare” problems, I googled for information and experiences to try to understand what was happening to me. I like to think that I’m providing the kind of info I would have liked to find back then. (Rare is in quotes because I feel they are not so much rare as they are under diagnosed.)

My pilonidal cystectomy wound is healing well. After being taken off of the wound vac, we began packing it with Aquacel Ag. The silver in it is supposed to minimize bacteria. It’s worked really well for me. My wound started at a depth of around 5.5cm. I’m now at less that 1cm. Continue Reading