How to Start a Book Club on Facebook

For around two years, my best friend and I have been trying to breathe life into a local book discussion group. Our genre’s a little niche, but we still get interest and even book suggestions from members. We’ve tried gathering for tea, for brunch, or even in the library so no one feels pressured to spend money. Yet the meetups are consistently her, me, and a set of excuses. We finally accepted we might need to try something different, so I researched how online book clubs make it work. Here’s what I learned!

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migrating from iPage to Stablehost |

[guide] migrating a WordPress site from iPage to Stablehost

I recently posted that I’d switched hosting services but done it with enough time left on my old account to migrate my WordPress sites (unlike last time where I lost some posts). I’ve just migrated my webcomic site, and it reminded me that the steps for transferring out of iPage are a little murky compared to moving from a host that uses cpanel to another host that uses cpanel (like Stablehost). I personally like to follow the instructions in the video Migrate a WordPress site [2017] to a new host and new domain manually | WP Learning Lab, but I have to modify the beginning for iPage. This time I documented my modified steps, so if you’re in the same situation, here are the steps to get your WordPress files and database out of iPage and into any host that uses cpanel (like Stablehost).

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