can you find a theme in this multipotentialite mess?

In yesterday’s post, I realized that narrowing the focus of my blog hasn’t necessarily been good for me. It’s more cohesive, but it’s not the emotional outlet and brain dump I wanted from blogging. I feel stifled by strictness. Writing too much about one thing makes that thing less enjoyable. Not writing about all of the other things banging around in my head leaves me dissatisfied. So I wanted to take the multipotentialite (interests spanning multiple areas) approach and start with what areas I want to share and then create a theme that unifies these topics. Only problem… I’m all over the place. I cannot find a theme here despite trying to group items into categories. Take a look at my list and see if you can do better. What theme would you suggest? Any help is appreciated!

What do I enjoy every day?

  • Food
    • meals my partner makes
    • restaurants/delivery/takeout
    • snacks
  • Dogs
  • Stories
    • science fiction
    • Writing
      • blogging
      • watching story analyses
    • Reading
  • Cute or Useful products
    • shopping
    • geek fashion
  • Health (mental & physical)
    • relaxing (bath time, sleep time, reading time, any down time)

What do I enjoy blogging about?

  • Food
    • recipes – found and enjoyed
    • recipes – created/adapted to be vegetarian
    • recipes – created/adapted to be keto
  • Dogs
    • walks with dogs
    • doggie things
    • doggie pictures
  • Stories
    • Writing
      • where I wrote
      • what I wrote
      • writing experiences
      • writing tips
    • Reading
      • book reviews
      • authors & books I’m interested in
  • Cute or Useful Products
    • recent purchases
    • good deals
    • sweepstakes
    • product reviews
    • products or sites I like
    • cute things I like but can’t afford
    • cool tech things
  • Health (mental & physical)
    • adhd
    • hoarding
    • EDS w/ involved systems (GI)
    • any other health experiences
    • how health affects food choices
  • Misc – A Day in the Life
    • self-improvement (possibly under health?)
    • what I did today
    • weird experiences
    • travel experiences (when I travel)
  • Tech guides

What would I like to add to my blogging?

  • pictures I’ve taken
  • cool science things as relevant to scifi coming true

What are my most popular posts about?

  • writing tips
  • organization tips

What theme unifies these things?

  • ????????
  • Food + dogs + stories + products + health + guides + experiences = AN ENTIRE LIFE, how do you put that under a unified theme other than “the things that keep you alive and willing to be alive?” My original blog started off as essentially “a day in the life of” but that isn’t really a tagline that gives you a good idea what you’ll find in the site, is it?
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