blue in tooth and claw

I’ve set up a not-horribly-painful way of writing my blog posts. Sadly, it doesn’t extend to playing World of Warcraft. That’s going to have to wait till I can comfortably sit for long periods again. I’ve paired my Samsung tablet with a bluetooth keyboard and mouse. No cords, no mess. I have them all arranged on a laptop lap desk which is resting on my bed. Then I elevate myself with pillows and can type for a little while. Being able to use a mouse with a tablet is such a luxury. Ah, the wonders of technology.

I want to say a bit more about the experience of using a wound vac because it is frustrating but should provide a lot of benefit in my healing. However, I’ll be honest that I’m just too tired and too sore to think about it anymore today. Instead, I’m going to have some fun going over things I’ve been excited about recently. Keep in mind, this is exciting for someone who is stuck in her home most of the time with part of her ass missing and a busted foot. (I sprained it pretty badly a couple weekends ago while my husband and I were walking our dogs. It was a pretty epic fall. I lost a doggy poo bag down a hill, almost went over myself, and had my glasses bounce off of the ground and back onto my face because there was just that much force. Yes, it was horribly painful.)

If you didn’t know yet, I love cartoons. Not all cartoons, but a fair amount of them. Invader Zim, Over the Garden Wall, Gravity Falls, Courage the Cowardly Dog… I revisit them often. I love the humor, be it in your face, subtle, or tragic. And I’ve recently rediscovered the Beetlejuice cartoons. Now not all of them are home runs, but most of them are very entertaining while having an element of the morbid that tickles me. I’m up to the fourth and last season, but I still have a lot of episodes left to watch. I think I want to dress as Lydia for Halloween. 🙂

On the tech front, I changed my webhosting provider. I still have my old account with iPage, but I’ve been frustrated with their heavyhanded actions on my site, excessive downtimes, and poor customer support. Also, I feel like I’m not getting a lot of value for my money. I decided to switch to Stablehost and to do it while I still have a lot of time left on my current account. Unlike last time when I was switching my blog sites from one iPage account to another and lost my writing exercise posts, I’ve looked up tutorials on migrating WordPress sites and spent a few days getting it down. I’ve now migrated both this blog and MacGuffin.Club, my writing site. I’m feeling pretty accomplished right now. I need to tackly my comic site next, but it’s good to know I have ample time.

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