I have 8+ years experience as a technical writer within the IT field. I began writing as a child, creating both poetry and short stories. I’m currently toying with the idea of publishing an anthology of “growing years” poetry. I’ve been married for ages and have two pitbulls, one adorable and one silly. I’m writing a work of fiction while juggling Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, ADHD, and anxiety, because why not?

My blog is currently focused on facing my hoarding problem while improving my writing skills. I call this themeĀ a write mess. One of the techniques for coping with excessive acquisition, an aspect of hoarding, is to replace the positive feelings received from acquiring items with positive feelings from another activity. In this case, writing with a goal of publication. I hope this theme is motivation to write, clean, or do whatever activity you’ve been putting off. At the very least, that it’s interesting and gives the satisfaction of being vicariously active.