a write mess and a plan

So I’ve rebranded my blog to “a write mess” and updated the URL to match my cross-social media presence (@sharisaurus). For various reasons, I’ve separated my online and real life identities for a very long time. Since it’s amazingly easy now to match up the two, I’ve decided to embrace the simplicity of one online presence (with various other channels/pages for my projects).

In the So You Want to Be a Writer podcast, Allison Tait often speaks to the value of having a online platform as a writer, having a single identity across sites, and providing valuable content to readers.

In the So You Want to Be a Writer podcast, Allison Tait often speaks to the value of having a online platform as a writer,having a single identity across sites, and providing valuable content to readers. I think this is great advice for a blog, particularly if it’s written with an eye to publishing novels and short stories in the future. Mine definitely is, despite being a personal blog. It took a bit of facing up to my social anxiety, but I finally convinced myself that I was strong enough to have the thoughts and work I publish online be easily traceable back to who I really am. I want to publish under my real name, so my “author platform,” if this is it, needs to eventually show my real name on real books. It’s both exciting and frightening at the same time.

I finally had my overhead tripod + camera + diy lighting + hour of free time all together last night, so I filmed the first of the new format of cheese review videos. I transferred them to my computer last night, so I’ve yet to open them up and see how good or bad the quality is. I’m excited, though. The format is much easier to produce and is less pressure on me to either deliver my entire review in one take or pause between sentences in a way that makes them easy to edit together. I did neither well in my first few video attempts. I’m hoping to record the audio tonight or tomorrow. =^.^=

[The following is about trying to juggle projects and figure out my schedule. Feel free to skip.]

I am getting a little concerned that I’m overloading myself with projects. I tend to do that. I have so many things I’m interested in that I want to try all of them and then get burnt out and have energy for nothing. As a mentioned in a previous post, I don’t want to fall into that habit again. I want to actually accomplish something. Obviously the most pressing is to get my house in order, but I don’t want to do that to the exclusion of my other interests. You know, the fun interests. I like to make little schedules to get straight in my head what I’m doing and when. These change often, but I need to make one now just to keep balance while I have it. Keep in mind that I haven’t 100% decided to publish a hoarding/cleaning vlog, but I’m strongly considering it.


  • clean house w/ a write mess vlog/blog
  • write fiction w/ video (for a write mess vlog)
  • draw comic
  • cheese review vids

Doesn’t sound too bad until I add in a full time job, 1+ hour daily commute, grocery shopping multiple times a week, cooking dinner, cooking the dogs’ dinner, walking the dogs (preferably before and after work, although it’s only once a day right now), spending time with my husband, somehow finding time to read and relax, and freaking out about not having any money. That last one actually happens as background noise during all other activities. Physical therapy should be in there, too, but health is always the first thing to fall off of the “to do” list. The evening schedule I’m trying to maintain is:

  • 5:30 – 6 — grocery shopping
  • 6 – 6:30 — drive home
  • 6:30 – 8 — cook & eat dinner
  • 8 – 8:30 — wash dishes, chores [HOPEFUL ADDITION]
  • 8:30 – 9 — free time!
  • 9 – 10 — walk dogs
  • 10 – 10:30 — bed prep
  • 10:30 — bedtime

Half an hour per evening isn’t too shabby during the week, but I can only give one project that half hour. My weekends are really free, particularly because right now I don’t spend them cleaning my house, which I understand many people do on the weekends. Fuck that shit. Except now I’m going to have to do it, too. Nooo!

Drawing my comic tends to happen whenever I need a break and it fits the bill, so I don’t need or want to schedule time for it. I am going to set myself a relaxed goal of one comic published per month. I’d originally aimed for once a week, but I found that too stressful. Also, the quality of my comics went down since it took me too long to shade them. I’m just a beginner, after all.

I’m giving cleaning 30 mins each evening, but I don’t think that time will go toward any vlogging. If I decide to set up my camera and record sorting/cleaning, I think this will need to be relegated to the weekends. It will take long enough to set up my shot that half of my cleaning time would be gone during the week. And I refuse to give my free time 30 mins to more cleaning. I need that time to not feel like a ball of stress.

I used last night’s free time to record a cheese video, and I think it will be quicker to do now that I’ve figured out the best place for my tripod and lighting. If I’m aiming for one cheese per week, which I think is reasonable, then one evening would give me footage to edit during the weekend. Don’t want to edit during the week because it’s too much like work.

Then again, writing is also too much like work, but I’m hoping that writing fiction will seem like a break after writing instructions and being in meetings all day. Also, I know I need to start making writing a daily or almost-daily practice, otherwise 1) I’ll never improve and 2) I won’t make noticeable manuscript progress. So right now I’m leaning toward:

    Week day evenings:

  • cheese filming & promo shots [1 day]
  • writing [4 days]

  • grilled cheese filming & promo shots
  • cheese voice work and editing
  • record sorting & cleaning housework
  • talk to camera

Broken up like that, it seems pretty do-able. What do you think? How to you juggle all of your projects, or do you tend to focus on one project at a time?

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