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Just a little update on me. I’m working on posts about the wound vac and brain fog, but I wanted to write a little bit without needing to concentrate so much.

I’m still working from home, but I’ve been without the wound vac for almost one week. My surgeon’s nurse decided to try Aquacel AG for a week instead. At my checkup tomorrow, she’ll decide if we go back to the vac or continue with the Aquacel. If we go with the Aquacel then I might try to go back to the office next week. It isn’t the best option with the wound vac since it’s bulky (on my tush!) and stinky (no one wants to be near it!), but the Aquacel has been less painful and less messy than my last foray into the world of butt dressings. Then again, I have to be at home for it to be changed by my home health nurses. I suppose I could be home on Mondays and Fridays for my dressing changes and be in the office the other days. Ah, moot point until after tomorrow’s checkup and I know which way we’re going to go.

This morning I had a root canal done on the very back tooth on the lower right side of my mouth. Wow, that tooth is a bitch to work on. My TMD had been keeping my jaw from opening fully after my last dentist appointment (which was to work on that same tooth). I was apprehensive that this visit would be a new level of dental pain. It turns out, though, that my endodontist is pretty amazing. Also, he numbed me to bejesus and back. Even with the child-size mouth prop, I still had to stretch a few times and that was difficult, but not excruciating, thanks to the anesthesia. I’m actually still numb, but it’s mostly a tingly sensation in my lip. I think I might be able to eat lunch now. Ah, and I need to take some Ibuprofen because I’m pretty sure my jaw is going to start calling attention to itself.

The weather is starting to get chilly here. Of course, I find 60 degree weather to be chilly. I am trying to be judicious in my use of heaters. Right now I have the living room heater on to keep me only mildly chilly while I’m working (yes, I’m already wearing a sweater), and both dogs are cuddled up in front of it. I must not be the only chilly one. 🙂

Oh, and the thing I’m most excited about, named this blog for, and then almost forgot to include… I’ve started playing Final Fantasy XIV. It’s an MMORPG, which I love because I get to play in a dynamic world with the option [but not the necessity] of playing with others. I played for several days on a trial and enjoyed it enough to buy the game. I was going to go back to Archeage, but playing it for just a few days was already starting to feel like work. And I hate how much is geared around their cash shop. FFXIV gave me the enjoyment that discovering Anarchy Online and World of Warcraft did back in the day. I definitely prefer subscription-style games. I’m on a new world that has an XP boost to encourage people to use it, and my character is leveling faster than I can keep up with her class and main story quests. I think I’m supposed to have found her job (Monk) by now because she’s 32 and it unlocks at 30, but I still have class and main story quests to do so I haven’t hit it yet. Tonight I’m going to focus on her class quest and hope that opens up Monk. While doing all of this, I’m trying to hit FATEs (local short quests that automatically allow you to participate and get rewards without joining a team first) so I can farm tokens for the Yokai Watch event that’s going on right now. Yes, Yokai Watch as in the TV show that is sort of “Pokemon with spirits.” You can collect the spirits from the show and farm tokens for weapons inspired on those spirits. It’s all adorable. I have half of the spirits so far, but the weapons will take a lot longer to farm. Still… so adorable. I like to wear my Yokai Watch t-shirt while playing. 😀

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