30 days of Vyvanse

Today is the first day I am treating my newly-diagnosed ADHD with medication. It was recommended by my therapist, who I am going to continue seeing for CBT, and prescribed by my primary care doctor after discussing the recommendation with him. He’s prescribed 30 days of Vyvanse 20mg and then wants to see me again before continuing or increasing the dosage. My doc and I are on the same page here. Take it slow, watch how it goes. It wasn’t required, but I decided to have my blood pressure checked every week so I don’t get any surprises.

I’ve never been on this type of medication and am very curious to see how it affects me. And very hopeful, too, although I’m almost afraid to hope. Could medicine + therapy really turn around so many things I’ve considered bad habits, laziness, gluttony, and weak will? Daring to hope here.

To help track my responses, both good and bad, I’m going to tweet each day with things I did or didn’t do. Not too spammy, but enough to give an impression of how things are progressing without relying on my faulty memory to keep track of 30 days of data. I’m going to be looking at the activities that I feel are important to my daily life in which I’ve fallen short on in the past. These include:

  • getting to work on time (I have about a 50% success rate right now. I often run 5 to 10 minutes late.)
  • productivity at work
  • overeating or compulsively eating
  • getting any kind of chores done at home (which I mostly don’t do right now)
  • completing the writing 30 day bootcamp from the Australian Writers’ Centre
  • walking my dogs despite snow (I have no idea if this is ADHD-affected or not. Maybe I just hate snow.)
  • side effects, most importantly intense lightheadedness, heart racing, anything else that indicates cardiac issues

I’m sure there will be more, but that’s at least a jumping off point. And if I forget to take Vyvanse in the morning, it will be interesting to see how it affects those same activities.

If you’d like to follow along with me or share your own experience in treating ADHD, I’ll be using the hashtag #ADDulting for all of my ADHD-related posts. It’s only been used sporadically since 2016, so I think it’s safe to co-opt. Maybe my “normal” level of adulting, which sometimes feels like I’m barely holding it together, will improve. 🙂

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