30 Day Post Challenge for Readers Who Write (Days 1-10)

I want to challenge myself to write a blog post every day in April, but I couldn’t find a challenge that was the right fit. So I made one! I’ve broken the days into packs of 10 for ease of making a readable graphic. If it looks interesting to you, please give it a try and let me know if you enjoyed it! I’ve picked the hashtag #readerswhowrite since it hasn’t been used a lot recently.

30 Day Blogging Challenge for Readers Who Write - Days 1-10 | sharisaurus.com



2 Replies to “30 Day Post Challenge for Readers Who Write (Days 1-10)”

  1. Thanks for posting the link to this in the ‘So You Want To Be A Writer’ Facebook group, it’s really helpful! I’m just starting out with my blog so it’ll come in handy. Looking forward to reading your posts generated from it too.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it! Days 11-20 are up now, and the final 10 should be up later this week. I decided to do weekdays only for my challenge since I don’t do a lot online on the weekends. That seems like it should be the opposite, but ah well! I hope some of these come in handy!

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